Christmas Crackers

Have a Crack!
'Appy holidays!

Relive some classic Christmas moments right on your phone with over a hundred jokes to laugh or groan at on the Christmas Cracker app. You can share your knee-slappers on Facebook to spread the Christmas cheer to players across the globe.

Easy To Use

The app is so easy to use that an actual Christmas cracker couldn’t be easier. The most technologically unsavvy user could master it in seconds. Just follow the prompts given and tap away.

Environmentally Friendly

The Christmas Crackers App employs Red&Greentm Technology allowing you to crack away to your hearts content. What’s more, you don’t even need to do any cleaning up!

Genuinely Christmasy

The app gives you a pass to be on your phone at social gatherings this holiday season and still be able to say that you’re ‘in the Christmas spirit’.

Single device

Just tap the ‘Single Device’ button and place your thumbs on the spaces shown. One will be victorious and rewarded with a knee-slapper.

Single device


Two people can play together on their own devices. Choose the ‘Multi Device’ option and enter the code that gets generated. Then, place your thumbs on the spaces shown. One player will get a witty wisecrack, while the other ends up with a piece of virtual coal.

Challenge a Friend

Challenge Instructions

When you send a 'cracker challenge' to a friend, you will both receive an email, which will contain a link with a special code. If you have the app installed, clicking on the link on your phones will link you up (no matter where in the world you are), and you will be able to share a crack. Good luck!

Awesome jokes

There are dozens of jokes on just about everything waiting to be cracked open. They could be stunning displays of wit, astonishingly bad eye-rollers, or even a just a lump of coal. Whatever you get, it will be a Christmas surprise.

Awesome jokes

Great design

The app sits perfectly on every compatible device. The controls are simple and intuitive, making it just a matter of a few taps of the thumb to bring up your Christmas cackler.

Great design

Download it now

Available for free on both iOS and Android.

Who Made This?

The Christmas Cracker App is the brainchild of TheFARM Digital and NextFaze, brought to you by their combined technical and creative talents.

TheFarm Digital

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Are you having difficulties with the Christmas Cracker app? Or just want us to explain a joke for you? Send us a message or email us! We’d love to hear from you.

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